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How to motivate today employees?

It is commonly believed that higher pay scale lead towards increase in the motivation level of company employees but do remember it may be a huge factor but not only factor. There are number of other requirements that are expected by the employees in an organization. For example a good time management, life-work balance, trust […]

Passion leads toward success:

Passion leads toward success: It is often commonly said that if you wants to be success then you must have a passion for it. Do what makes you happy. Well this is the most pessimistic approach but we cannot ignore the importance of realistic way¬† of thinking so there is a gap between passion and […]

Jack Ma. A story of failure to success

In our daily lives we notice a number of people working and struggling, some become successful while others failed but only few struggles become such a stories that we have to tell. The stories like how a hero comes to the rescue of his people and his family, we find pleasure in such stories. And […]

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