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About Me about me

Hey, hope you all good it’s me Nida and I am a student wants to be a good blogger. I love to write about new ideas that came in my mind.

I am the one who is not much influenced by finance or accounting but yes a new concept entrepreneurship do impress me because I believe that life is the name of learning, learning something new at each and every step.

Learning that is not sharing is just a waste so we have this blog page in which we will not only share about new ideas but also will encourage the efforts of other.

In addition to all this I do likes sports and my favorite game is table tennis. Yes sometimes it made me forget my problems and gave me solution while playing that game.

I am a deep thinker and books always made me feel comfortable only if it suits my aptitude.

It would be pleasure for me as I consider you gyez as my blogging family so do share your new ideas as well as view about my blogging.