Top 10 entrepreneurs of Pakistan

it is widely accepted that Pakistan has a lot of talent who have not only made the country proud all over the world, but have also played a vital role in making the country prosper .

here are top 10 entrepreneurs of Pakistan:

1:Aftab Tapal

His name is most famous in the world of business  in Asia. He has his own ideologies and management styles and uses all his skills to make his family business grow every day.

2:Jahan Ara:

Jehan Ara

Maam Jehan Ara is a Good Communicator, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Policy Advocate, Activist for Human/Gender rights and Privacy advocate. She is working in NUST Incubation Center.

3:Hanif Rajput:

Hanif Rajput popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

His life is all about devotion, commitment and achieving success and due to these skills his catering business has grown to a national level.

4:Rehan Allahwala

Rehan Allahwala

Rehan Allahwala help many people through his Social Media profile, He Said “I am simple human being I think’s that all human beings are equal & the goal of my life is to make sure, that they are treated in that way.”

5:Ashraf Choudary

Ashraf Chaudhry

Ashraf Chaudhry is a Pakistan,s Best and most famous Sales Trainer, International Author and Social Media Strategist. Success story of Ashraf Chaudhry is great source of motivation for everyone.

6:Qasim Ali Shah;

Qasim Ali Shah

He is a motivational speaker and a popular teacher in Pakistan.He started his professional career as an officer in Pakistan’s civil services, but later opted for teaching and gradually progressed into becoming a professional trainer, public speaker, writer, and columnist. He is an author of 8 books. Many people get inspiration by watching his videos on internet.

7: Suddruddin Hashmi

Sadruddin Hashwani popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

He started his cotton trading business during 1960 and it is now one of the largest groups in the country which is due to his efforts and skills as an entrepreneur making his trades as assorted as Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, IT and ceramics.

8: Sir Adamjee Dawood:

Sir Adamjee Dawood popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

He had been an amazing entrepreneur since he was a teenager and this is why his trading business was established very finely and successfully. He was a participant of Indian politics which was subsidized by humanitarian causes.

9: Zaydan Khan:

Zaydan Khan

This person is highly energetic, young inspiring motivational speaker. He has done MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Baluchistan University in IT. He is professional a trainer at school of leadership.

10: Saad Hamid:

Saad Hamid

He is a technology entrepreneur and digital ecosystem builder and famous in all over the Pakistan. He is the founder of School of Skills which is a future school that aims to teach skills of the future to youth in emerging economies such as technology, storytelling, creativity, innovation, design thinking, emotional intelligence, soft skills, social consciousness, entrepreneurship etc.



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